Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New tee designs in store now.

We have two new HiiRagi Tee designs in store now. First up, the tee version of the 'Sunday Outing' Art Print...

Imagine this. You’re staggering through the desert, you’ve used up the last of the water, eaten enough scorpions for protein to last a lifetime and contemplated drinking your own urine. You can barely take another step when you see it. It’s not a mirage, it’s not a cardboard cut-out, it’s a group of rescuers looking for you. They gather around exclaiming how you should not be alive but you know. You’re alive because you are a HiiRagi minion and you know your stuff. Now, what are you wearing? Your HiiRagi ‘Sunday Outing’ Tee because HiiRagi tees survive the distance with you, especially when they’re in a tank.

Available in both Mens and Womens. We have completely sold out of the Men's Small but they should be back in stock in two weeks.

And secondly.... Recon Unit: Parachute:

Do you remember those army man parachute lollies? I’m not quite sure what the army had to do with the lolly to be perfectly honest but I loved dropping my army man from great heights whilst filling my belly with enough sugar to fuel a small country. It rarely worked properly, and his descent was much too fast for him to survive but it amused me none the less (which may have been an indicator to my current profession…)

However, you need never worry about plummeting to your death with the Recon Unit: Parachute tee. Made of sturdy 100% cotton, which has been double stitched for reinforcement, it will survive even the most arduous of plunges. Just make sure you do the safety check before launching yourself out the plane, no one need take unnecessary chances… And should you be caught behind enemy lines (it happens), we will totally infiltrate their camp and rescue you. HiiRagi leaves no one behind, especially you.

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