Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My minions rock...

I have to admit that I really do love my minions. I get sent all kinds of stuff, mostly photos or emails letting me know that the Army is in good hands and our cause is spreading.

Recently additions to the minion regiment are BofstaOne and HoflerOne, yes they are code names to protect their diabolical innocence. We've been having a bit of a time together as I infiltrated their suburb, house and even their school... I kid you not. I think that teachers reading the HiiRagi manifesto as part of their curriculum should be enforced. It sounds kind of creepy because it is, however all's well, that ends well and two of our Occupational Forces have been enlisted in a rad household where our cause reign supreme. Here is the photographic evidence:

Battling the fearsome beast a.k.a Wasabi the miniature dachshund.

The beast (a.k.a Wasabi) subdued.

Ah, it makes me happy...

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