Monday, August 19, 2013

Comic Book Inspiration

Anyone who has been talking to me for say...the past...year? Two years? Would know that I am planning to write a comic book. Well, I have avoided it, ignored it and finally now, I am starting on it. But like every good idea, it needs a bit of inspiration to enter the "the vortex". I grew up reading Archie, Asterix, and Tintin which was followed up with Tank Girl and Deadline magazine (RIP).

These days I have expanded my tastes and comic books/graphic novels have changed a fair bit but two have recently stood out. The first was read by an ex-partner of mine and despite their insistence that I read it, at heart I am a brat and refused to do as I was told. Now, many years on I have finally read it and I should have listened. What am I talking about? Bone of course!

The tale of the three Bones is awesome. It's funny, exciting and adventurous, with all the best aspects of a stranger comes to town and a quest (the best story ideas). You can buy it now in big volumes so you can just read it all at once. The story is epic. I really should have listened, sorry r%$#*t (name has been deleted to protect their poor innocent soul, they didn't know what they were getting into).

Second up is Nathan Jurevicius' Scary Girl. This is super cute. It also has no real dialogue so the image has to tell the whole story. It's bright, colourful and just a tad weird. The story is set under the water and I love the creatures that live in this world.

Neither is like the story I am writing at the moment, nor are they of my style but I prefer to find inspiration in things that do not reflect my style, the temptation to copy (even sub consciously) is lessened. Plus it expands your idea of what is possible.

SO what is happening in my comic book?! Well, there will be two. One, is my epic story of the Army going into North Korea, and secondly, I will be writing a continuous story for the newsletter which a HEAP of you have subscribed for! Thanks! All I can say is stay tuned....

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