Wednesday, October 9, 2013

B B B Berserker!!!!!

Ask me what I have been doing and lately the answer is consistently "Making Toys". And this week means Berserkers, the last line of attack in the HiiRagi Army hierarchy...

And the name says it all. An experiment that went a little bit wrong but in a good way. Berserkers do not reason, they do not care, they do not stop, you will be eaten or drown in their drool. If you see one, then it’s all over red rover, either that or unfortunately one has escaped...hey, it happens to the best of us. Even in cages they seem to manage to frighten the Recon Units to distraction.

I love them. A friend once told me that he always knew when I was drawing Berserkers because I would snigger to myself regularly and wear a weird smirk (what does that even mean?). I probably drooled as well, which would be the dead give away.

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