Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HQ: New brooch designs and the usual ranting

When I started HiiRagi and actually selling stuff (crazy!) I had to quickly get some products that were in the middle to low price range. Coming up through the Design Market scene I kinda just looked at what was going on around me (a bad move if there ever was one) and jewellery was everywhere so I went for that. I didn't really think about it though, I just grabbed some images, over ordered in 50 million different styles and colours and fudged my way through. This time, I have thought about it all and cut my jewellery range right back to reflect the HiiRagi cause rather than just trying to fill up the table, which now overflows with products, probably too many but I like it crammed. So with all this in mind I have drawn up some new designs with the robots wearing their uniforms and outfits....

I am discontinuing the large brooches and lapel pins and replacing them with brooches of the designs above in an inbetween size (about 3-4 cm) and the necklaces will be discontinued all together so if you want one nab it now. A new series of war medals will be coming in the next couple of months. Finally, jewellery in true HiiRagi style.


  1. Do you have any more brooches in stock right now? I bought some at the Salamanca Market last year. I NEED MORE!!! :(