Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Survival: How to make HiiRagi Army Issue Jars

Now, this may be a bit of a diversion from the usual HiiRagi survival tips and life lessons, however if HiiRagi is to be a part of your life perhaps it is time that the army began to infiltrate your home. I know here at HQ we only use HiiRagi Army Standard Issue equipment and that includes basic such a jars.

A while back I saw a picture of this:

image from here

Yes, it is all very cute and bright which I'm sure goes down a fine dandy treat with crafters but we are not crafters. We are diabolical minions of the HiiRagi Army and surely the time of cute animals be it a deer, owl or rabbit is drawing to an end? No? We shall see... I was thinking about this idea though and came up with the HiiRagi Army Jar and you can make your own, turning your house into a war zone! Hurrah! So with great joy I bring you the HiiRagi Army Standard Issue Jar:

I know. It's pretty great, isn't it?! And what is even better is that you can make your own!!!!! All you need is some jars (obviously) and some model spray can primer, some spray in Army Green or another military colour (I used NATO green, so appropriate), some PVA glue and you're ready!!!

Oh, and some army men, we can't forget them. They're important. I have army men in two sizes and used the larger ones for the larger jar and the small ones for the..oh, you get the idea, you're not stupid.

From here it is pretty basic. Spray the lids with the primer so you can paint over the top of the metal.

Then arrange your army men into little scenes, gluing them down once your happy that you have recreated that scene from 'Nam that you so wanted to capture. If you prefer your glues more toxic use epoxy, there is just something about mixing it all together that I like....

A quick spray of spray paint.

And hey, presto! You're done! All ready to fill with your ever important, nutritious survival foods.

Yep, they're awesome. You should totally make some. Your friends will be most envious and marvel at your craftiness, yet hard core militariness. No, I don't that is a real word. But it should be.

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