Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Screen printing and new tees

I'm completely self taught when it comes to screen printing. I'm of the thought process that if you don't know how to do something you find out and give it a go, most of the time it ends up being much easier than you initially anticipated. Now, I say this because ever since I began screening tees I have avoided fine lines in my designs. This is because I tried one early on and it didn't work properly and I had a wobbly (I'm a brat too unfortunately). However this changed today. Minions demanded it and I hate to let my minions down so here is a new tee of the Recon Unit in their bunker trying to send out communications (see all the little lines in the timber? That used to be the stuff of nightmares to me). After 3 years of screening I have had success:

The reason for my joy and happiness. Look at the light coming through those lines (Obviously I don't get out much....)

All ready to get started

Yay!!!! The first print is always exciting (once again, I don't get out much...)

And the joy of screening, where there was one, there are now many.

These tees (all in grey marle) will be available at Salamanca Market and at designed;made this weekend.