Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Move like a Commando (Part 2)

Ok my little minions, now we start looking at methods of movement so you remain undetected. In addition to walking, you can move in one of three other methods--low crawl, high crawl, or rush. Today we are looking at the crawls, both high and low (none of which involve alcohol because that just makes things messy and is definately NOT stealthy). So we were prepared last week to get ready for moving using methods seen below as well as some cunning disguises.

Utilising the low crawl gives you the lowest silhouette. Use it to cross places where the concealment is very low and enemy fire or observation prevents you from getting up. Keep your body flat against the ground. If you are carrying a weapon (in this case a firearm), let the front handguard rest on your forearm (keeping the muzzle off the ground), and let the weapon butt drag on the ground.

To move, push your arms forward and pull your firing side leg forward. Then pull with your arms and push with your leg. Continue this throughout the move and expect some chaffing and grazing....and rocks...

The high crawl lets you move faster than the low crawl and still gives you a low silhouette. Use this crawl when there is good concealment but enemy fire still prevents you from getting up. Keep your body off the ground and resting on your forearms and lower legs. Cradle your weapon in your arms and keep its muzzle off the ground. Keep your knees well behind your buttocks (kinda stretched out) so your body will stay low.

To move, alternately advance your right elbow and left knee, then your left elbow and right knee.

Next week we get off our knees and show the enemy some Rushing. Oh yeah....

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