Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Move like a Commando (Part 1)

The Commando Role got me thinking about movement. What do you do before and after your triumphant Commando Role? Who knows how many stupid people are around? They must be avoided at all cost and the only way to do that is to learn how to move without being detected.

Time to break out the foliage and get dirty, you know you want to....

Your own and your unit's ability to move depends on your movement skills and those of your fellow minions. In this part we look at techniques to avoid being seen or heard by the ‘enemy’:

 Camouflage yourself and your equipment.
 Tape your jewellery and dog tags together and to the chain so they cannot slide or rattle. Tape or pad the parts of your weapon (should you be carrying one, who knows?!) and equipment that rattle or are so loose that they may snag (the tape or padding must not interfere with the operation of the weapon or equipment). Jump up and down and listen for rattles.
 Wear soft, well-fitting clothes.
 Do not carry unnecessary equipment. Move from covered position to revered position (taking no longer than 3 to 5 seconds between positions).
 Stop, look, and listen before moving.
 Look for covered and concealed routes on which to move.
 Change direction slightly from time to time when moving through tall grass.
 Stop, look, and listen when birds or animals are alarmed (the enemy may be nearby).
 Cross roads and trails at places that have the most cover and concealment (large culverts, low spots, curves, or bridges).
 Avoid steep slopes and places with loose dirt or stones.
 Avoid cleared, open areas and tops of hills and ridges.

Next week get ready to start crawling!

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