Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Military Books and Dirigibles

One of my favourite places is the Sorell Market, it's a total bric-a-brac market where you can find nothing and the next week find everything.  Last weekend was a everything day.  Military stuff was everywhere!  As you can imagine I became very excited, which I cleverly concealed behind a disinterested facade so as to not blow my haggling power.  Here are some of the great finds:

Isn't this great?!  Bazooka Kids!  How crazy!  I love Commando comics, action, excitement and adventure without any of that romance business!!!

Yep, a big book on tanks.  Isn't that a cool photo on the cover?  Every army needs a tank.

And this is fantastic picture book with lots of military arsenal to draw inspiration from, including one of my favourites: the Dirigible:

 Now, the term dirigible does not come from the word “rigid” but from the French verb “diriger” (to steer), and a dirigible is simply any lighter-than-air craft which is able to to be steered (as opposed to a balloon, which floats with the wind).  They just seem to have a beautiful 1920's feel about them and have been quite a presence in movies and propaganda as can be seen below:

One word: Awesome.


  1. Never heard of dirigible before, awesome word, i'll try to get it into a conversation this week! Bought a Ninja T off you a few weeks ago at the markets, love it, thanks!

  2. Let me know how you go, I'm so obsessed at the moment 'dirigible' seems to be every second word i mutter...Glad you love the tee, go forth little Ninja minion!!!

  3. Little ninja minion attempted to describe a situation at work as 'dirigible' inflating issue heading in a bad direction! Maybe I could call it a Hindenburg!!? Anyway it lead to much confusion, I may need a dirigible to escape!

  4. I think you call that a SNAFU... Poor little ninja minion...