Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Building a Survival Kit Part 1

Welcome to Terrain Training Tuesday.  This segment is purely for minion training.  It has come to my attention that some of you are not as prepared for our inevitable world domination campaign and as such, like any good leader, I have taken it upon myself to train you all.  It will be hard at times and you will whinge and moan but as time goes on you will be prepared and worthy of being a HiiRagi minion.

First up, Survival Kits:

Survival Kits are just that, your own personal means of surviving in this world when things go wrong. A by-product of investigating the world and its inhabitants has revealed a complete lack of survival instincts in the average person. This will not be tolerated in the HiiRagi Army. As a HiiRagi minion your personal Survival Kit is important and should be easily accessible at all times. When combined with the survival skills you will be learning as a member of the HiiRagi Army it will stand you in good stead when faced with an unexpected situation or when things turn nasty. All items need to be considered before making a choice, weighing usefulness and adaptability against bulk and weight. Every item must earn its place, increasing your chances of survival and, if you have the misfortune of being captured, your escape. Your kit should fit into a small waterproof container that leaves room for your other essential items. Please remember, this is a guide only, each minion should personalise their kit and include only what they think they will need or can use.

The goal when assembling and packing your Survival Kit is to make it as small as possible, if you run out of room and think items are overlapping in use such as a knife and razor blades, ditch the razor blades. Personally I have a number of kits for different occasions:

I have a smaller everyday kit (the red one) for daily challenges (like going to the supermarket) through to a larger expedition survival kit for when I am more isolated and survival will be more difficult but as previously stated minions must decide for themselves.  You can generally use any kind of container (preferably watertight), such as:

• A metal tobacco-type tin

• A waterproof plastic box

• A snap seal plastic container

• A screw top metal cylindrical container and so on....

Survival Kit DIY Project

For the crafty minion, feel free to decorate your Survival Kit as you see fit. Below you can see I have glued on an inspiring image and words to help me through the long dark lonesome nights of survival, where, yes, even a cute puppy may have ulterior motives. If you like, send though any images of your own Survival Kit, I would love to see them.

Get it ready for next week when we start looking at items to put into your Survival Kit.


  1. Ninja minion kit project 1.1 :-
    - antique tobacco tin (large)
    - Swiss army knife
    - Bush Tucker Man collection on DVD
    - my dog's hair (hand-full) for braiding into rope
    - dog tags (not my dog's) for ID of ninja body after war
    - long-life mints - to increase chances of survival....and for nice breath in case of facing enemy at close quarters
    - list of motivational quotes from Dilbert, Daria and Degrassi Junior High (original series)
    - a compact dirigible.....

  2. My God, you could very well be THE perfect HiiRagi minion...

  3. Thanks! You've opened my creative side, and of course the secret ninja past life that was seeking a war and a leader to follow! Keep up the awesome posts....

  4. I have already read Zombie Queen and you know I loved it! and I have been stalking you all over the internet trying to win your fabulous survival kit, and learn everything i can about you. And today I passed along my copy of Zombie Queen to my very best friend so she can read it. You know how I know she will love it. She is the person who got me started watching Buffy and Angel and when I sent you the link of David Boreanaz dancing on Rachael Ray I also sent it to her.
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