Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Geisha and Ninja Stuff!

Anyone who has visited my stall or been following for a while will know about my love of Japanese stuff, particularly Geisha and Ninjas.  I've been making the toys for a little while now enjoying making each one more unique with different kimono pattens, hair details and weaponry...For those who haven't seen any here is a sample of recent creations:

Ahhh...the beauty and intrigue of the Geisha, I love her red lips...

More ninjas can be seen here .  So now we have that covered, here are my new HiiRagi goes Japan accessories!  First up we have the Geisha as  brooch, lapel pin and necklace.  I'm really happy with how her kimono pattern turned out and her little lips (I'm sounding obsessive about them, I know).

Next for the more violent and aggressive consumer the Ninja, complete with swords and nunchucks.

 Both of these guys will be launched at Salamanca Market  this weekend and I'm really excited about them!  In fact I have already stolen one of each for myself...

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