Monday, February 21, 2011

The High Seas with Captain Blueberry!

Lately I have been off carvorting with Captain Blueberry, who does great illustrations and mad creations that you wear on your head.  I always really like meeting people you can learn from and who seem to be as crazy as yourself with this need to make stuff.  Anyway, I was in El Capitano's 'Cabin' going through as much stuff as I could, rifling through books, asking personal questions, demanding to know what things were and where they came from, when I came across this print:

 Isn't it just awesome?!  It's a/the (?) Fasitiocalon which is apparently a monstrous creature of the Sea said to be the last of the great 'turtle-fish' (though in Old English it seems to refer to a whale, while I personally like to think of him/her/it as a huge squid). Fastitocalon was so huge that sailors could mistake his immense shell/head/body bit (which ever you prefer) for an island, but after they landed, the monster would dive into the depths of the ocean, drowning his unfortunate passengers.  How diabolical...

So to cut a long story short I took it for my own and am very excited about it.  I haven't bought any new artwork for ages and so had to share it with you...I love the little boat riding the high seas and the Fasitiocalon patiently watching it waiting....waiting.....waiting....sounds like me actually....

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