Thursday, February 10, 2011

HiiRagi T-Shirt Previews

Hello everyone, here are some little snippets of the t-shirt range currently for  offer at Salamanca this weekend.  I have been filling my website with images (still ironing out a couple of kinks, we're getting there I promise)  but here are a few samples for your perusal...
 New Resistance is Futile design, the original has now been discontinued so if you want one buy it now 'cause it ain't comin' back.

 And just who is this beautiful geisha?  Believe it or not, it is another diabolical disguise from  Recon Unit and what a stunner...

And what's a Japan series without a Ninja, seen here in Army Green.

 And of course, some Bunny goodness! We have made contact! 


  1. love the geisha! Do you print kids tee's as well?

  2. Thanks Freckled! I appreciate your feedback!
    Hullo Busy Bird!
    Yes, I do Kids tees but the colours are quite limited, at the moment I print on white, charcoal and red (this does change though...) and I also do custom jobs...and yes the Geisha is a very beautiful lady...