Friday, September 3, 2010

Rantings for the weekend...

This is a great bit of street art from North Fitzroy, Victoria.  Street art is one of my most favourite things, I love how it makes the streets interesting and colourful and amusing and intriguing...I also marvel at the skill with a spray can...I'm more of a sticker person myself...much's more of a stick and run, or stick and look unassuming...yet feeling diabolical and covert all at the same time...Oh yeeaaahhhh....
Anyway, this week end is full of stuff.  Tonight at 5:30 if you are around Jimmy's Street and Skate pop in and have a look at the 'We are the Machine' exhibition opening, should be fun!
Or if you are skulking around Salamanca tomorrow, come and hunt me down on the St David's hillside.  Guys will be happy to know that the t-shirt drought is officially over and I have some new stock and new designs ready for you!  Those who have ordered stuff, can come and grab when ready. 
Yay!!! Have a good weekend!!!!!

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