Saturday, September 18, 2010

'We are the Machine' Exhibition

So I have finally managed to get it together to report on this little exhibition sid pulled together.  This is the piece I put in.  I made little trial samples of my robots as part of their evolution into the magnificent beings they are today.  No deformity was too hideous!  It was heaps of fun and I managed to score an amazing light box out of the deal too (Thanks Ruben! You ROCK!!!).   Here are some other images of my piece in the exhibition:
There were also some great pieces by other artists too:
This one is kinda 'Short Circuit' and yes, that is a real fish in its belly...
I like his lit up head...very cool
It's a bit blurry but if I could knit like this I would...Nice one Lena!

I really liked this, it's kind of Julia Deville.  His buggy eyes are awesome!
The lovely Pete Punkette with his robot which takes photos too!  And finally (but not least..)

Sid, yes, he is the one licking his elbow.  Apparently this is quite a difficult feat and we were lucky enough to be in the presence of not one, but TWO people with such a talent.  Mmm, you can tell there was free booze...don't you miss the old days when all openings had free booze?  I do...Anyway thanks for putting on such a great show Sidkins!!!!


  1. Thanks! I was really impressed with the stuff that was made, particuarly the sculptures.

  2. yeah, it looks great. Yours are great as well! I love them.