Friday, February 1, 2013

Five favourite: Movies from my childhood

As a child of the '80's I grew up with a great range of movies that scarred...sorry... shaped the way I look at the world. My Auntie actually took me to see Blade Runner at the cinema when I was about 6 (I still wonder how she managed to get me in to be honest), which probably explains a lot. To be honest all I can remember is Daryl Hannah's legs coming through the wall and strangling that guy and a lot of rain but still.... I still love these following films, I may not be able to watch them with the same amazement and enthusiasm (sometimes it's best not to go back and watch it all again, in particular MacGuyver. Bad move.) but they're all still rad in their own way.

The Dark Crystal
I just love the skeksis! And the long legged rabbits! And the crazy lady with the world in a dome! AND the puppets all have people in them! This is really a genius production. If you have the DVD with the "Making of" documentary watch it. These days I like it better than the film.

The Goonies
Ah, the old adventure films. Young boys setting out to save their town/home/lives from whatever is threatening them. It has pirates too. And that guy who does the "Hey, you guys!" line. I watched this with someone who was a bit younger than I am and following me getting all excitied about how great a film it was, he just didn't get it. I was incredibly disappointed in him and have not spoken to him since.

Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
No words are needed here.

Being a bit of a David Bowie fan I can't go past this, or his tight pants. It's a really sweet film apart from those fire swamp creatures. I hate them, I hate them a lot. I like the fox on the Dulux dog.

The Neverending Story
Complete with a rockin' '80's theme tune, I have always loved the idea of books holding secret worlds, let alone one that held Atreyu. Sing it like you mean it.

There are heaps of other films that I have missed out, in fact I know I have. I suspect I should have called this 'Part 1'.

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