Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Terrain Training Tuesday: Spandex, its a privilege, not a right

It’s a prevalent look in the purveyors of World Domination, and it has the power to make you wince in pain (that may be part of the appeal actually), yep, it’s the tight all-in-one spandex suit.

Classic. Now, this is a good one as you can play with colours and symbols around any theme you wish to be associated with, the obvious example of this is The Riddler, who began life in a classy suit, was morphed with Jim Carrey and came out like this:

It’s a bit obvious for my taste but people are pretty stupid so maybe you need to be obvious. From here, you can get a bit more detailed or fancy by throwing on some pouches and gun holsters…maybe a cape? Probably a bit too Superhero though…. And no shoulder pads. N-O. The neck thing in this one is nice though. Personally I'm not a spandex wearer but I'm sure that they are quite comfortable. I also think that they would get a bit cold and this is one look where I don't think you would want to be left cold and exposed...

Another side effect of it all is that there can be consequences to the spandex suit. Poor old Baron Zero (above) is permanently imbued to his suit due to a consequence in a battle with Super-Soldier. I'm afraid that's the risk you take wearing it in public. I like his pants on the outside though and his big boots. It's a bit Sci-Fi really. The steam coming out of his neck is cool too. Once again, it appears the look works best if you can incorporate a gimmick.

And this ONLY works if you are David Bowie.

And if you physique is less that amazing, have a good long think about this look…or get some padding. But preferably not like this:

Do I need to explain what is wrong with this? If I do, you should not be reading this blog. I mean it. All I have left to say is 'Run little piggy! Run!'

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  1. bahahahahahaha. Oh dear, where did you find that pig photo... it has made my day.