Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Terrain Training Tuesday: Move like a Commando (Part 6)

MOVING WITHIN A TEAM, I don't like it but sometimes you just have to work together....

As a HiiRagi minion, you may have to move as a member of a team. Small teams, such as infantry fire teams, normally move in a wedge formation. Each minion in the team has a set position in the wedge, determined by the type weapon he carries or skill set. That position, however, may be changed by the team leader or HiiRagi to meet the situation. The normal distance between minions is 10 meters as we all like a bit of personal space.

You may have to make a temporary change in the wedge formation when moving through close terrain. The minions in the sides of the wedge close into a single file when moving in thick brush or through a narrow pass. After passing through such an area, they should spread out, again forming the wedge. You should not wait for orders to change the formation or the interval. You should change automatically and stay in visual contact with the other minions and the team leader.

The team leader leads by setting the example. The standing order is, FOLLOW ME AND DO AS I DO. Actually I think that's a standing HiiRagi order regardless. When they move to the left, you should move to the left. When they get down, you should get down. When they fire, you should fire. Unless they pull this move:

Personally I'm not into the Meerkat routine....it has being taken out written all over it

When visibility is limited, control during movement may become difficult. Two l-inch horizontal strips of luminous tape, sewn directly on the rear of the helmet camouflage band with a l-inch space between them, are a device for night identification, meaning don't attack another minion by mistake. Night identification for your patrol cap should be two l-inch by 1/2-inch strips of luminous tape sewn vertically, directly on the rear of the cap. They should be centered, with the bottom edge of each tape even with the bottom edge of the cap and with a l-inch space between two tapes. Yeah, looking cool....reflective....

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