Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: How to do a Commando Roll

The Commando Roll, the ultimate cool move to pull when your out in the wilds. Luckily for me, it came pretty naturally. Others however have to train hard. So for all the little minions out there who want to know how to win admirers and influence people, here is a quick crash course in the Commando Roll.

Now to skilfully perform a commando roll, you begin by diving dramatically forward landing on one shoulder (this depends on which hand you would use normally e.g. If you are right handed you would use your right shoulder). Land on the back part of your shoulder, and deftly roll across your back diagonally (eg. right shoulder to left hip). When you have done that, assuming you are right handed, you should have rolled up with your left leg should be bent with your weight on that knee, and your right leg should not be bent. Pull a dynamic military pose and whala! Commando Roll completed!

A word of advice, make sure your head doesn’t touch the ground when you dive forward. This is bad, this is VERY bad. And it hurts too.

Also I couldn't find a picture or image of a commando roll so instead here's Arnie in a knife fight.

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