Monday, November 21, 2011

Ninjas and helicopters

T-shirts are never far from my mind. I do think about them quite a bit but I am still amazed at how I stick to the steady and true when I print them, like putting the prints in the middle of the tee. In the back of my head I know that it doesn't have to go there but it goes there all the same. Well, no more. If there is one thing HiiRagi dislikes, it's sticking to the everyday and banal so I am endevouring to push myself much more with my designs in the future ( I think we call it a New Years Resolution but I was never good sticking to timelines). In the meantime here is a new Ninja tee (available only in Black, of course):

I had planned to place it at the bottom of the tee but it just didn't look right (such is the way with the best laid plans). I like it though, the way that the fight flows down the shoulder. What do you think?
And for the conservatives who like to stick to the middle print, we have the Occupational Force in their little helicopter (you may remember this from the cards I have done):

Both tees are available from the Salamanca Stall but only the Ninja fight is currently available on line.

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