Friday, October 21, 2011

Utility is the new black

Lately the Recon Units have been looking a bit naked. What, with all their skills and abilities they needed something practical to help them in their everyday army chores so (taking inspiration from the all too often overlooked bumbag) I set about making utility belts. Below you can see RU1014 wearing the latest in HiiRagi HQ fashion. The belt is made from soft supple leather, the dark brown colour hides stains while offsetting the mid grey of the robot colouring. Handy pockets bring to mind labourers belts yet the rounded edge of the tip softens without affecting the hardcore military edge. The Recon Unit utility belt is essential for carrying your maps, ropes, wiring and, if necessary, your dynamite. How did we do without it?!

Good old RU1014, he loves his belts slung low...

And just so none of the others feel left out, we have another utility belt followed by a slouch bag, for those who the utility belt just doesn't "fit" right.

Oh yeah, who's stylin' now?!

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