Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Tribute to Batman's Utility Belt

This week is Utility Belt Appreciation Week. In tribute to the Recon Unit’s newest accessory I had decided to have an information session on the greatest of all utility belt wearers: Batman. First appearing wearing a utility belt in 1936, he has gone from strength to strength in promoting the utility belt to each new generation of World Domination specialists, I mean who doesn’t wear a utility belt as part of their everyday uniform?!

Now although seemingly unremarkable in appearance (as all the good ones are), his utility belt is one of Batman's most important tools in fighting crime. Consisting primarily of a strap and buckle, the utility belt houses ten cylindrical cartridges that are attached to the outside of the belt. The buckle itself typically contains a miniature camera and two-way radio. A secondary compartment behind the length of the belt houses Batman's supply of batarangs, yep you read right, batarangs.

Each of the ten cylinders contains various tools integral to Batman's war on crime, and are interchangeable with other cylinders depending on Batman's needs.

Through the years, however, Batman has modified the contents of his belt to accommodate various crime-fighting scenarios and to include a variety of weaponry and useful stuff. Awesome. I want one in every colour.

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