Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Sea Survival Part 3

It is in a lifeboat or a makeshift raft that there is the greatest chance of survival and rescue.

Life rafts are packed by the manufacturer and require regular servicing to ensure their usability.  Unfortunately, even the most expensive life rafts aren’t always leak-proof.  The ocean is tough on a small vessel, and you may end up with water coming into your safe haven.  All modern rafts come with pumps and repair kits for good reason.  You’ll also make good use of your bailer to help empty your raft of water.  If there is no life raft, grab onto anything that floats.  Even better if you can find a couple of things and join them together.

One of the most challenging aspects of being lost at sea if the psychological toll it takes.  To look around and see nothing but open water can cause a great deal of mental distress.  Additional anguish comes when you see passing boats and planes, or come close to land before drifting away.  HiiRagi minions should use this time to hone their mental strength and curse the stupidity of others for not seeing you.  If you’re with someone else, occupy yourself with word games or talking about future plans like taking over the world and ridding the world of stupidity once and for all. 

Drifting is your only hope for finding dry land, so the more you drift, the better your chances.  Most life rafts are equipped with sea anchors to stabilise the vessel.  This is fine but it will also slow your drifting rate.  If you have one, pull it up.  At a rate of 2 knots, you can drift as far as 50 miles per day, in clam weather you can bob in place for hours so get the HiiRagi doubter (you know them, you saw them roll their eyes when you mentioned world domination for the 50th time) out the back and make them start kicking.  Good thing you remembered to pack your knife....

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