Saturday, August 6, 2011

July Sketchbook

This month the obsession has been with bunkers.  Not a lot of drawing but a lot of thinking about them.  Below is a brief sketch as I work out what I actually want to draw.  Apologies for the crapness of the scan but I was working in 2H.

I have also been re working images in pencil for some new products that will be coming over the next couple of weeks.  Yep, Occupational Force ready for action!

The Army and I also thought we would benefit from a little training camp away from HQ, so we packed up the tank and took off to Freycinet.  The weather was beautiful and the Army got back to basics.  Time to start working off that Winter coat, me thinks...., I don't think this is the place to bust out the explosives....
I like where your head's at though....

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