Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Sea Survival Part 2

OK, we’re in a spot of bother with our boat.  The decision has been made to abandon it, key to a diabolical escape is to get up wind and stay clear of it. 

Keep away from fuel slick, and if forced to jump or swim through flames, jump in feet first and again, up wind.  Swim away underwater if you can, otherwise swim into the wind using breast stroke and splash the flames away from your head to help you with breathing.  If you think there is going to be an underwater explosion, reduce the impact and risk by swimming on your back.

Now, if you’re lucky and there is land in sight, you can just relax and float, as in the picture below, until the ebb turns and this will then carry you to land. Too easy!  

Otherwise take comfort in your lifejacket and the lollies you grabbed.  If you have the misfortune of no life jacket, improvise a short term option from a pair of trousers.  Simply knot the legs, sweep them over the head to fill with air, then hold the waist below water to trap in the air, making the legs into water wings.

Once clear of the wreckage, inflate your dinghy or life raft.  If there isn’t any, a few curses wouldn’t go astray and then gather together as much flotsam as you can to use as a raft.  Tie it together with cord, belts, shoelaces whatever you have at hand.  This is survival people so grab any floating equipment for later use.  Who knows what you’ll find...

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