Monday, August 1, 2011

Exciting Star Wars Purchase!

Imagine how excited the Army and I were when we stumbled upon two original Star Wars necklaces!  That's right some fool was selling off Darth Vader and R2D2 for a song!  Much muttering, some bickering amongst ourselves and a couple of button clicks later and the necklaces were mine...sorry...ours!

Oh yeah, cast in metal they are the source of much jealousy and rivalry at HiiRagi HQ.  In fact here are some close up so you can bask in their awesomeness....

R2D2.  His legs move and everything.

Darth, the one and only.

And to make him feel better after is ordeal, I have gallantly allowed RU1014 wear Darth Vader, I know it's not going to do my reputation much good but he's so happy when he gets to wear it.  In fact he hasn't taken it off.  Looks like I'm going to have to stick with R2D2.


  1. love love LOVE reading your blog each week, make a point of reading it each tuesday morning...

  2. Why thank you Miss Kitty Cat! I will pass your regards on to the Army....

  3. where u b this sat at mkt.. i feel the need 4 another brooch coming on.

  4. I'm not back at Salamanca for two weeks due to some stuff coming up. I will be at the Masonic Hall next Sunday though, if you can't wait...

  5. haha, I WANT THOSE NECKLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!