Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: The Desert Part 6

The last in our Desert series we look at all the heat problems you may encounter.  Your chances of becoming a heat casualty as a survivor (which all HiiRagi minions are) are great, due to injury, stress, and lack of critical items of equipment. Following are the major types of heat casualties and their treatment when little water and no medical help are available, only a random camel...

Heat Cramps

The loss of salt due to excessive sweating causes heat cramps. Symptoms are moderate to severe muscle cramps in legs, arms, or abdomen. These symptoms may start as a mild muscular discomfort. You should probably stop all activity, get in the shade, and drink water. If you fail to recognize the early symptoms and continue your physical activity, you will have severe muscle cramps and pain, this is not good. Treat as for heat exhaustion.

Heat Exhaustion

A large loss of body water and salt causes heat exhaustion. Symptoms are headache, mental confusion, irritability, excessive sweating, weakness, dizziness, cramps, and pale, moist, cold (clammy) skin (hmmmm....that sounds like most people to be honest). Immediately get under shade. Lie on a stretcher or similar item about 45 cm off the ground. Loosen clothing. Sprinkle with water and fan. Drink small amounts of water every 3 minutes and stay quiet and rest.

Heat Stroke

A severe heat injury is caused by extreme loss of water and salt and the body's inability to cool itself. The patient may die if not cooled immediately. Symptoms are the lack of sweat, hot and dry skin, headache, dizziness, fast pulse, nausea and vomiting, and mental confusion leading to unconsciousness. Immediately get the person to shade. Lay him on a stretcher or similar item about 45 cm off the ground. Loosen his clothing. Pour water on him (it does not matter if the water is polluted or brackish) and fan him. Massage his arms, legs, and body. If he regains consciousness, let him drink small amounts of water every 3 minutes.

And speaking of mental confusion caused by heat....

I found this and couldn't help putting it in, this is what happens when you are in the desert too long.  Go and see the full video here. It's ace! Or maybe I just love Star Wars that little bit too much....

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  1. So basically, Heat Exhaustion sounds like me when I get my periods, and Heat Stroke sounds like me when I am hangover.... mmmh.