Sunday, June 19, 2011

HiiRagi likes Dunny

Dunny's have been around for a while, a revolutionary idea of creating blanks and then in an endless cycle of customisation create new cool examples.  Recently I found these guys through another great toy blog Toys R Evil.  


Aren't they ace? These guys are the Japanese-themed Shinto Gods of Lore: Fujin(Wind God) and Raijin (God of Thunder) along with their own cloud-bursts.  These were both commissioned from NY-based artist ZAM.  I love his take on this, particularly when you consider their typical imagery:


 It's always cool to see how people re-interpret and put their own style onto things, like Jamie Hewlett's 'Monkey' interpretation.  Anyway, this inspired me to go to the Dunny site and check out all the others that have been done.  These are my five favourite:

2Tone Dunny Series by Doktor A

Dunny Series 2010 by Sneaky Racoon

Dunny Fatale Series by Koralie

Shogun Blue by Huck Gee

Series 5 by Frank Kozik

So hard to pick just five!  I thoroughly recommend having a look, so much variation and talent in one place, just try and pick a favourite!

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