Friday, June 17, 2011

HiiRagi Lapel Pins

Mmmmmm...... I picked up some new lapel pins the other day.  Nothing like the feeling that you can wear your entire HiiRagi Army all at once to make you smile and feel invincible against the world.

You can wear just one, or the whole gang.  They are totally sweet with each pin about 3 cms big and made from myrtle (that's the timber not the name of the robot as a few customers have managed to confuse, fear not, if it was you, you are not alone...).

For those whose taste runs to the more 'oriental', the mysterious geisha and ninja.

And for those who just want cute yet diabolical, the bunny.

These guys and some of the other jewellery I have designed will be up in the store next week so stay tuned!


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