Friday, November 19, 2010

Market Weekend and Christmas Cards

Ok. I have two markets this weekend, so two chances to visit me and see what the HiiRagi Army has been up to!  I'm going to tell you anyway but hey, I still like it when you come and say 'Hello' to me.  So we have Salamanca Makret first up with a new look stall (which means I made a new tablecloth and bought some army 'scrimping' (?!)).  (I think that's how you spell it...) AND I have made a new name banner which will be unveiled tomorrow.  Also being revealed tomorrow, and getting into the spirit of the whole Christmas thing will be some little Christmas cards I drew and watercoloured.  Two designs are up for sale tomorrow and at the Market (the one in the Masonic Hall) on Sunday. Here's a little preview of them:

I quite like the bottom one, where the Recon Unit is pushing the other one forward to give the Berserker a present.  I actually coined this one with 'Have a Berserker Christmas' which will be my goal for Chrissie this year.  I always go's a big deal in our family, I mean my Mum has already had two Christmas trees THIS YEAR...I'm just impressed that I've started thinking about presents...Anyway, as usual I digress...
Here are some process photos of the watercolours, it's funny you get half way through and think that it's not going to work but once I put that outline in, they just come back to life...I love a good outline.

Yep, it does look like colour by numbers....

Drying, drying, drying...actually watercolours are good for impatient people like me, they dry really fast.

Yay!!! See what I mean about the outlines?  Have a good weekend!

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  1. I really like the one where he looks like he is going to be eaten- Awesome!
    I too am totally into Christmas this year, and have been holding off so hard not to put up the Christmas tree... but if your mum has already had two what the hell am I waiting for?!?

    btw: I may have started buying pressies too, and one may or may not be yours!