Monday, August 16, 2010

Star Wars invades Adidas

What every World Domination Expert needs in their wardrobe.  Hands Down.

Yup, that's right!  A pair of Tie Fighter Hi Tops.  How good are these?!  I actually came across them a couple of months ago but with the release of the second collection, I have decided to share them with all my minions!!!  The collections are in three packs: The Characters Pack, the Vehicles Pack and the Direct Pack. Each pack take inspiration from Star Wars legendary characters (Han, Luke, Darth, see how I'm on first name terms with them all?) and crafts and fuses them with adidas Originals. Here are a few more of my favourites:

AT-AT, perhaps one of the greatest bits of machinery created...could squash 40 Ewoks with a single step (actaully I made that bit up but I bet it could!)

Luke Skywalker. 'Luke, join me, I'm your father...' but my name's HiiRagi?!

The Storm Trooper.  Oh yeeeaaaahhhh...I'm well impressed with the back of the trainer being a Strom Trooper face.  In fact the only real stuff up is the yoda shoe:

I mean seriously, what is that?! Looks like a boat shoe...There was no feelin' of the 'Force' with this one.  Oh well, I guess they can't be all cool, I mean just look at the new Star Wars films....

By the way, I am actually doing stuff, stay tuned for some new things hoodies...mmmmmm, hoodies.....

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