Thursday, August 19, 2010

HiiRagi Hoodies!!!

Now being all domineering and controlling,  I screen print all HiiRagi clothing myself, using environmentally friendly inks, and I am very please to announce that the Hoodies (and t-shirts)  I have been promising people have finally come to fruition!  They will make their debut at the Barn Market this Friday night (6pm-8pm) and Saturday (10am-3pm) and will be $70 for a hoodie or $30 for a tee (however if I get stuck into the mulled wine available on the Friday night who knows what I will charge..."Take'sh freee...I jush want you to have it....").  Anyhoo, this is how I spent my Wednesday...

Ok, here is the exciting set up, ready to go with my previous successes in the background.

Place screen onto t-shirt, preferable where you actually want the image.

Squeegee (sp?!) the ink onto the screen, lift and hurrah!!! Success!!!!! Now all it needs is an iron:

Yes, even Evil Overlords need to learn basic household duties...

And YAY! Hoodies all packed up and ready to go to Market!!!!
You know you want one.


  1. Mmmmmmmm...Hiiragi Hoodies. We like!

  2. awesome! do you make the screens yourself? I would love to learn how to screen print :)

  3. i do make the screens myself, it's much easier than most people lead you to believe. i make them in my bathroom, old skool style...

  4. miss hollee.. THANK YOU for my gorgeous japanese miss.. she is now sitting on top of 'the box'.. the box with you know what in it ....... mwah mwah darlz..xxxxxxx

  5. It's weird, but somehow that makes me kinda happy....keep me posted on the developments with the "box"