Thursday, July 15, 2010


RU1014 Log:
You will be happy to hear Mighty Leader that I survived the hole in the wall, through great dangers and obstacles and have found myself in Hosier Lane, where a kind group of artists took me under their wing...

There is much to do with this art, oh great one, and I feel that we must take our message to the street (though I believe this is Recommendation 4.4.5 of the HiiRagi Mainfesto of World Domination).  Yours is such a mighty and just cause that it is cruel to not inform the poor inhabitantsof this place of your brilliance.  Lucky for me, these artists have taken me under their wing and I grow in skill with a spray can as seen in the photograph above.  I will show you the type of work here so that you may see, oh great HiiRagi, how your powerful and convincing propoganda would blind them....

I will report back with more later, the artist have grown suspicious of my relentless questioning interrogation and use of a high beam torch in their faces. 

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