Monday, July 19, 2010

Notes from HiiRagi HQ

There I was, sitting in HQ, happily sewing my little fingers out, when I looked at my little Recon Units waiting for their legs to be attached and was hit by the thought 'daleks'.  What do you think?!

The bright light helps to make them look sinister (really its just that old poor light situation that I mentioned earlier in the blog somewhere).  Just imagine them sliding  over the surface with nothing but 'Exterminate' on their minds.  Don't worry, their legs were finished late last night and will be attached later today so the dalek dream will be over...Still they look kinda cute all legless and stumpy....


  1. I like them legless and stumpy. They look so adorable and helpless but that's how they draw you in!

  2. I do like indeed!!! MY oskar is so HAPPY with his occupational force- totally made his day/weekend/perhaps even year??? thanks for that I put a few pics on my blog. ;)