Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mission Accomplished: The Market

Sometimes when I've spent all night formulating new and exciting ways to take over the world (which now includes Rosie's cupcake attack) it's hard to get it together to go to the markets, however I'm glad I made it because The Market on Sunday was just crazy, minions were everywhere!  I chose this moment to launch my new mega Recon Unit jewellery stand.
I know, he is a dazzling example of what can be done with paper mache.  What else can I say?


  1. Looking good, loving the jewellery stand! And the papier mache! You always did have that sculpting skill down, no matter how often we skulked off from lectures together.... My Occupational Force earrings have been up to no good in Norf London innit.

  2. Love your stuff do you have your products in at Pocket Space?

  3. I did have them in Pocketspace until Anthony closed the shop. I'm currently working on the website, but in the meantime I will be doing the Etsy thing...At the moment though I take orders through e mail and arrange cloak and dagger meetings with buyers...it adds to the excitement.