Thursday, November 7, 2013

D Young V x Eddie Colla Momento Mori

It's no secret how much I love Eddie Colla's stuff. Ever since I laid eyes on his 'If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission' print, I was a goner. THis video is from an exhibition he put on with D Young V, another favourite of mine I discovered through Eddie (I like to refer to him in the first name basis and pretend that we're friends, creepy but true).

THe blurb goes:

Memento Mori, a Latin term for ‘remember death’, is an artistic symbol for remembering the inevitability of death, and is a continuing theme throughout Eddie Colla’s and D Young V’s work. The artists’ installations depict the end of the world juxtaposed to the rising up of a new world from ashes, and a future reduced to the tasks of survival and memory. (source)

d young v x eddie colla - memento mori from Eddie Colla on Vimeo.

IT's warlike, apocalyptic, industrial... all the things I like. It makes me want to make my art more, to do more and be more. That's what an awesome artist should do. When I finally take over the world, he's totally going to be my official War Artist.

The video below explains a lot of what you are seeing in the exhibition and the linkages between the objects. IT's a pretty cool little film too...

Epilogue from Eddie Colla on Vimeo.

Fucken wicked.

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