Friday, March 8, 2013

F#@k it.

So after a brief sojourn "campaigning" against ants I have returned to my all consuming destiny of taking over the world and blessing faithful minions all over the world with my genius. Firstly though, we need a bit of a soundtrack. This is one of my favourite songs. I love to crank it up loud where ever I am and shimmy. The film clip is actually pretty good too, it's done with projections on buildings, old skool style. The song is also short, like punk songs of old. 2:20 mins of pure radness. Play it, you know you want to....

Do you like it? What I don't like is that there is a 'safe' version without the swearing. It's better with the swearing. Personally I love to swear, nothing quite makes a sentence rock than a well placed "f#%k". Yep, we're the HiiRagi 'f*@kin' Army. I like it.

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