Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guys! How to Accessorise your HiiRagi Tees

Now, even though I am a military organisation where practicality rules supreme, leaving little to no time for frivolity or surplus useless stuff, I do like to do a bit of accessorising. Rephotographing the guys tees recently (for use on the website soon) gave myself and one of my favourite minions (let's call him "Tim" in order to protect his identity) an opportunity to have a play around with all the ever so useful props that I have collected and continue to collect. So we came up with how to accessorise HiiRagi tees.

OK. First up in Look 1 we have the ever classic Resistance is Futile Tee in Charocal. "Tim" has chosen to mix this look up with his ALICE webbing system. Note how the army green compliments the charcoal. The softness of the t-shirt contrasts with the hardness of the harness...stylish stuff "Tim".

Look 2 sees "Tim" channel a bit of Bear Grylls if you ask me. Goggles make any outfit look cool and these bronze 'steampunk' style combined with the Middle Eastern Desert Army Scarf say 'hot'. Worn with the green HiiRagi Logo tee and face camouflage, he makes a dashing contribution to the HiiRagi cause.

Onto Look 3 and in a similar vein to Look 2, we have the goggles and scarf. This look is more of a green on green ensemble and shows real subtlety for when minions need to skim under the radar , yet be stylish at the same time. Just because you are under pressure doesn't mean you don't have time to make an effort with your uniform...

Tanks is the theme for Look 4 and nothing says "Don't mess with me!" more than the HiiRagi Tank tee. Double the fear by having an actual tank and look at people tremble! Diabolical.

And finally, Look 5. The classic Gas Mask. Wear it with a scarf (as "Tim" has here) or just wear it on its own, it is truly making itself THE HiiRagi accessory to wear. Team it with any HiiRagi Tee, here "Tim" has chosen the Recon Unit Tee in grey marle.

So there you have it guys, look at how easy it is to dress up your HiiRagi tee and still look manly, diabolical and "mean business". Dirt is also a good one, I reckon. And maybe just a bit of blood?! I'm always open to suggestions...

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