Thursday, October 4, 2012

Urban warfare and a sneak peek at a parachute

I may be a bit slack at posting but I am never idle. I have been in the sweatshop working away until my fingertips bleed. There are lot's of exciting ideas and projects coming up soon I hope that I can get out to you my little minions but for now you have to be content with a few crappy studio moments captured.

Here is a recent Recon Unit with utility belt. His specialty is Urban Warfare so I thought I had better give him some arsenal, hence the knife, explosives and random grappling hook. Oh yeah....

Lately I have been having heaps of fun with found objects and making weaponry and the like. I guess it's that Steampunk thing which I love.

And here is a new thing! Behold! HiiRagi Robots take to the air! I had hoped to have some more images of the robot insitu in the air but people keep buying them before I have a chance (Geez...) so hooked up in the studio it is.

I am currently working on soft parachutes aswell. I want then to be like those toy candy parachuters (spell check keeps telling me that 'parachuters is not a word, how can that be? What is the plural of parachuter then? A prime example of the rampant stupidity that runs riot in our society today that is.)that you can throw up in the air and they catch the air and float down. We shall see what happens with that one.


  1. Soooo, can I buy the harness and parachute thing? I think it's time my Recon Unit was airborne!

  2. For you, I think I'm going to have to... would you prefer a soft parachute or my fabulous recreation of primary school papier mache parachute (that's the one in the photograph)?

  3. can I have one too pleeeease Highness? A soft one? heheehhe

  4. Yes. Yes you can. If you want a soft one (snigger snigger) you will have to wait a bit until I have mastered the design. It shouldn't take too long....