Thursday, August 9, 2012

Germ warfare strikes HiiRagi HQ

Alas, I have returned my faithful minions! For those of you wondering where your almighty leader had gone I regret that I must inform you of a heinous germ warfare attack on HiiRagi HQ. There were no warning signs, except perhaps a slight cough and a sore throat, then breathing began to become difficult. This is a bad sign. It could only be a biological warfare attack on HQ - Dammit! How could we have been taken unawares?! There was only one thing to do: go into lockdown and pop on the gas masks.

Yep, gotta keep an eye out for them germies...they could come from ANY direction!!!

I won't say that I am disappointed in the security around HQ (even though I am) but it serves as a timely reminder to always be on your guard (remember the US and the whole Anthrax thing?). Actually it got me thinking about how maybe biological warfare may be the thing to get into, I mean tanks and helicopters and amphibious vehicles are all well and good, but germs are potent. I'm thinking Secret Death Lab rather than a Secret Death Ray... Mmmmmmm.... And gas masks are pretty cool...

And speaking of germs and gas masks, here is a cool gas mask suitcase thing that I found while rummaging for supplies through someone else's workshop. I did try to prise it off the wall but the person whose workshop it is threatened to call the police. Their time will come. They will rue the day they said no to me. But as usual I digress...

So HiiRagi HQ is back with more security than ever, so stay tuned!


  1. Haha those gas masks are very cool. I can imagine some designs with biological weapon labs... exciting :D

  2. Biochemical warfare would put an end to the humanity. It would be an awful end to our humanity.