Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Viva le HiiRagi! Or HiiRagi invades France?

It would seem that everyone else is taking photos of HiiRagi at the moment rather than me (who should be!). My favourite pirate Captain Blueberry set sail back to France for a couple of weeks, but being the excellent minion she is, has taken a smaller member of the army with her to infiltrate the French! Bwahhh Ha hahaha haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! or should that be Arg?!

Aw, he's a pretty cute Recon Unit, I must say. And can I say that I am LOVING the Star Wars angle....what a collection. I also realise that these images could have been taken anywhere and that she may not actually be in France. Yes, HiiRagi minions are THAT diabolical.

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