Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scoping scoping scoping training spots....

Where have I been?! I've been everywhere, man! (Sorry, that's a cheap shot and I know it). Lately the army and I have been heading beyond the safety of HQ and exploring new terrain. We woke up in this spot and I just had to share it with you.

How nice is that?! Even the most hardened World Domination Specialist and All-Mighty Uber-Leader of an unstoppable Robot Army (it's ok, I will stop there) has to take a moment to appreciate the beauty and romance of this spot (just don't tell anyone I said that). It's Lake King William in Central Tasmania if you're wondering and if you head up there, you may just see us running amok in the wilderness. Or maybe you won't, we're pretty good at hiding, I bet you can't see any robots in either image.

Oh and here is a token Wombat shot. I mean with a camera, not a gun. I want one as a pet but then I remember Fatso from A Country Practice and then I don't. Yep, how deep can one person go?

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