Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terrain Training Tuesday: Is the best outfit to wear nothing at all?

When looking at villians or merely those wanting to do as they wish, is it perhaps better to not have an earthly body at all? First that springs to mind (for me being the nerd burger that I am) is Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Now he did have a body but lost it (how do you lose it? I think it is best done during a scientific experiment or being struck by lightening or exhausting your power beyond everything, however from there what he got was the look of a great all seeing eye:

Now this is more of an elemental look. Here he is constructed out of fire (nice and destructive) and in the form of an eye, which makes you think that he can see everything. Now you can go beyond this and make your body out of anything such as water, air, earth or other choices like wood, metal or electricity, all effective choices. One drawback that was brought to my attention is that if you say went down the water route and took on the form of a huge wave, wrecking havoc along the coastline, unless you have laid some extensive publicity ground work people may not know that it is you, and even, that maybe it's just Mother Nature....not that would be humiliating to say the least.

The next thought was maybe you could just be intelligence transferred into a computer. Then the whole world would be your oyster as you ride the internet highway and if your opponent destroyed your computer you could just pop int another one. Genius. I mean we've all seen 'Electric Dreams' (haven't we?). The benefits are endless with limitless information at your fingertips. You can set yourself up in the core of the Earth, set up cameras to act as your eyes and ears and robots as your hands. Again genius. You will also be immortal and immoral as transforming yourself into a binary code will definately have an impact on your humanity (or lack of), making your destructive ways just that little bit easier to live with.

BUT then maybe the best way is to never reveal yourself at all.... Become a mysterious force that no one ever sees but they know you exist because of the trail of destruction that you leave. The fact that you remain unseen will only add to making you some kind of children's nightmare creature of legend. Imagine the freedom! Claim others wrong doings as your own, run amok! We all know that people fear what they do not know and understand (fools), add to that that you may not exist and it's a winner all round. I like it.

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