Friday, May 4, 2012

Design;made Market on this Sunday!

Yes, I know I trawl off to Salamanca Market on weekends but on Sunday there is to be another awesome market:

Yep, Designed;made this Sunday (6th May) from 9am to 3pm you can see a huge range of Tasmanian Designers selling their wares in the Princes Wharf Shed No.1 (inside! out of this weather! Hurrah!). These is a great range of stuff from my own toys, tees etc. to beautiful jewellery from the super cool Emily Snadden and Otekah to furniture (it's put on by the Furniture Designers Association) to ceramics and gorgeous hand made knives by one of my personal favourites. Oh, and the infamous El Capitano Blueberry will be there too.

Oh, and I will have some exciting new things (beside the new tees), if I get time today I will post some a hint, I'm giving you two words: ART PRINTS. Oh, you KNOW it.

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