Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Terrain Training Tuesday:The Mad Scientist Look

I'm quite fond of the Mad Scientist. There is something about the combination of being intellectually gifted (usually) and completely socially inept and awkward. It's quite endearing really. Make sure that you really are of superior intelligence (otherwise this may all turn out really really bad) and have a good dose of insanity so that you really do think that you are unstoppable (there is no room here for logical rationale or self doubt, trust me). You need to make sure of this because to take on the 'look' of the Mad Scientist is quite easy, mess up you hair (colour is irrelevant but better to be grey), done a white coat, dental outfit or a simple rumpled suit with a few Sulphur stains and you're done! The look in the eyes though, that's something you just can't fake...

If you are going to rock this look, the most important feature is going to be your laboratory...how else will you be able to recreate life or build gigantic and powerful inventions?

All of these examples are good reference. You may also want to add a laboratory assistant, these are great for throwing large switches and seeking out body parts for you when you are simply too busy being a genius. I always loved the guy out of Young Frankenstein.

For those with a touch of the musical about them, there is always 'Dr Horror's Sing-a-long'. Check it out.

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