Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brooches are out, War Medals are in

I get bored. I am now bored with my large brooches and, as with all my whims, I have decided to discontinue them so if you are have been wanting one, you should probably hurry up a bit and get one before they go (either online or through the Market). To date the rabbit brooch and the ninja brooch have sold out. Fear not though little minions I have been busy designing new and exciting things and to replace the hole left by the brooches, I thought it would be much more fitting to develop a HiiRagi War Medal:

That's right! Our very own War Medal on pretty stripey ribbon. The medal bit is made of Myrtle and is limited to only 50! Each has its number engraved into the back (see below). Mmmmmm....war medals.....

Available online and at the Markets.

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