Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Terrain Training Tuesday: The Business Suit that means Business

The Business Suit. This is an interesting one, as it doesn’t really define you as an out and out World Domination specialist. You kind of blend in with the crowd, which can be worked to your advantage. There’s no doubting that it looks slick, I mean just look at Gene Hackman here, rocking the tuxedo as Lex Luthor in Superman.

Luthor is described as "a power-mad, evil scientist" of high intelligence and incredible technological prowess. His long term goals typically centre on killing Superman, usually as a stepping stone to world domination. Disappointingly, Luthor lacks superpowers or a dual identity, that sit so well with the more avant garde costumes. A useless fact about Luther is that he used to have red hair until an artists mistake made him bald, happens to the best of us....Hmm... I'm actually not sure what the deal is with Gene Hackmans hair in this to be perfectly honest....

Another suit wearing, no super talents, villainous specialist is Kingpin. It’s the usual stuff, he was bullied, got real tough, joined the Mafia, took it all over and became the big ‘King Pin’.

He typically wears Kevlar armour under his clothing (I'm guessing from the size of him it is unusually thick armour). He also accessorises with a walking stick that conceals a laser beam weapon capable of firing a blast of concussive force sufficient for vaporizing a handgun (or a person's head) at close range; known as his "obliterator cane" (yep, sounds cool). He also wears an ornamental diamond stick-pin that conceals a highly compressed chamber of sleeping gas that is effective if sprayed at close range directly into his victim's face. This is most diabolical and for those who choose the Business Suit, this is a MUST.

And sometimes the Business Suit is just the more stylish option. We can see from the example of Dr Octopus who has the added bonus of four massive mechanical arms shooting from his back.

Poor old Dr Octopus started out in a green jumpsuit that did nothing for his figure (talk about thick set), his self-confidence or his public image (the pot gut didn’t help either) but pop him into a nice suit and hey Presto! He starts to mean business. Look at this! Change the suit, get the annoying do gooder! Hurrah!

So maybe the key to the Business Suit look is to have a gimmick, for while you look like an ordinary person you team it with maybe a weird coloured face, some gross deformity or just a weird growth. Got any of those and this may be the look for you.

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