Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Terrain Training Tuesday: The Evil Robe

This week we look at The Robe. This is a good choice for the World Domination specialist as it has close associations with the Grim Reaper and most people are quite terrified by Death, it makes for a good first impression.

However, this look has been owned by Emperor Palpatine ever since he appeared in the Star Wars series (Episodes IV-V1 of course, don't get me started on the others...). Coupled with his pale pussy face and red watery eyes, he’s totally got it going on.

This look works because you really can't see anything apart from the gnarled hands, weak chin and the evil glint in the eyes. If you have all these traits then this look is for you. It also helps if you have the "force" as I can't image having to fight a bit of open combat in this is going to be easy. I suspect it is best suited to a homebody, one who doesn't want to go out often but would rather bask in the glory of his or her surroundings. You're going to have to have a big base for this look to hold all your minions together. I think our best inspiration of this is Ming the Merciless. He totally brought the bling to The Robe.

Yep, that's how you do it people! Did you know that his capital city is called 'Mingo City'? Hilarious. The use of the smoke machine is effective though and should be duly noted.

One thing I will say about the robe is that the capacity to hide your weaponry and evil gadgets is amazing. Who knows what level of dastardly objects could be concealed?! That's got to be the biggest bonus of the robe. It also can conceal your appearance and then make for a dramatic unveiling too once you feel the need to to lose the layers (preferably wearing something really tight). Actually I'm kinda beginning to like this idea....

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