Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Terrain Training Tuesday: Move like a Commando (Part 5)


This section helps to guide you for immediate actions you should take when reacting to enemy indirect fire and flares (no, they’re not just for boating…).

If you come under indirect fire while moving, quickly look to your leader or HiiRagi for orders, which will probably be run out of the impact area in a certain direction or follow. If this does not happen or you cannot see your leader, but can see other team members, most will tell you to follow them. Don’t. This is your chance to shine and take over the group for your own much more important cause of HiiRagi World Domination. If alone, or if you cannot see your leader or the other team members, run out of the area in a direction away from the incoming fire and then begin plotting your next diabolical move.

It is hard to move quickly on rough terrain, but the terrain may provide good cover. In such terrain, it may be best to take cover and wait for flares to burn out. After they burn out, move out of the area quickly.

The enemy puts out ground flares as warning devices. He sets them off himself or attaches tripwires to them for you to trip on and set them off ( I never said they weren’t crafty). He usually puts the flares in places he can watch because we all enjoy a good light show, what a loser…

If you are caught in the light of a ground flare, move quickly out of the lighted area. The enemy will know where the ground flare is and will be ready to fire into that area. Move well away from the lighted area. While moving out of the area, look for other team members. Try to keep the team together.

The enemy uses aerial flares to light up vital areas. They can be set off like ground flares; fired from hand projectors, grenade launchers, mortars, and artillery; or dropped from aircraft. We should totally have some.
If you hear the firing of an aerial flare while you are moving, hit the ground (behind cover if possible) while the flare is rising and before it bursts and illuminates.

If moving where it is easy to blend with the background (such as in a forest) or you are a ninja and you are caught in the light of an aerial flare, freeze in place until the flare burns out. They will never see you.
If you are caught in the light of an aerial flare while moving in an open area, immediately crouch low or lie down.
If you are crossing an obstacle, such as a barbed-wire fence or a wall, and get caught in the light of an aerial flare, crouch low and stay down until the flare burns out.

The sudden light of a bursting flare may temporarily blind both you and the enemy. When the enemy uses a flare to spot you, he spoils his own night vision. To protect your night vision, close one eye while the flare is burning. When the flare burns out, the eye that was closed will still have its night vision.

Next week, it's time to learn to move within a team. We don't like it but sometimes you just have to suck it up.

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